The Pill Box Club (Cellular Nutrition)

This is my daily dose of supplements, made by USANA Health Sciences. The company manufactures the highest rated supplements in the world. 

Being aware of how the food are being grown these days, I am worried that I am not getting the key nutrients which are vital in the achievement of optimum health. USANA have magnificently created a wide range of products that my body needs, but most importantly its safe and is being absorbed up to the cellular level. 

My favorite is the Essentials. You can view it here

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Beads and Laces & Flipelas at Boracay

Beads and Laces & Flipelas at Boracay

Puka Beach, Boracay Island Philippines

Beads ans Drapee blazer and flipels

Beads and Laces Draped Blazer and Fliflops by Flipelas

This is my favorite pair. I used the draped blazer as cover up. I use it in the office but its chic design makes easy to pair up with anything. The cloth is so light and comfortable, of course i designed it. Its perfect for any occasion, at this point, for my summer escapade. It blended well with my beautiful fliflops from Flipelas. A Filipino owned brand of fliflops that will surely fit everyone’s personality.


I love how my flipelas was designed. The color combination, the flowers, hearts and stones, perfect! Just the way i want it! Meet the flipelas designer, follow her blog at


The sunset at Boracay, beautiful isn‘t it?

The quality of flipelas is really good. I submerged mine in the salty water and when I get back to Manila the stones and all its accessories are still attached to it. Affordable and high quality! I think I‘ll be buying more.